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Kore Essentials Battle Buckles - Buckles Only

Kore Essentials Battle Buckles - Buckles Only

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Choose B1 or B2 Battle Buckle  (buckle only, no strap) 

  • Kore Battle Buckles are designed to work exclusively with Kore Molle Battle Belts. 
  • These ratchet style buckles allow you to micro adjust your Kore battle belt in small 1/4 inch increments and get a perfect fit every time you put it on. You can loosen your belt 1/2 inch after a large meal to relax, or tighten it as much as humanly possible, to securely hold up all your gear when needed. And best of all you can adjust while - sitting, walking, running, swimming or even crawling thru the trenches. No need to remove or undo your buckle to make an adjustment. 
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Uncut belts & 1-Year Warranty under normal usage. Cut or altered Battle Belts are NOT eligible for return or refunds. These belts NOT Interchangeable with 1.5" EDC belts & buckles, 1.75" Garrison belts or classic fashion belts. Patent pending system. 

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